Haicheng Zhuofan Technology Development Co., Ltd."Referred to as Zhuofan technology" is a large resource of business entities, the company is located in the "world pailou town Haicheng City talc magnesium, called" the hometown of daijiagou Industrial Park, the company to enrich the quality of magnesite and talc resources resources as the basis, the formation of ore mining, and sintering workshop mineral processing, fine grinding, processing and packaging of a set of scientific production process.

Zhuo fan technology is 2 kilometers away from Dan Hai expressway, 60 kilometers away from Yingkou port, 80 km from Bayuquan port, 280 km from Dalian Port, only 130 kilometers from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, with convenient transportation and unobstructed transportation.


  • Fused magnesia
  • Light burned magnesium
  • High purity magnesia
  • Burnt magnesia
  • Medium magnesia
  • Light burned magnesia ball
  • Heavy calcium carbonate
  • Talc Masterbatch
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Talc
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Haicheng Zhuofan Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Add:Haicheng City, Liaoning province Zhen Shi Jia Industrial Park
Tel:0412-3772316  0412-3897995